Come Back ..


Time: You can’t tell but it’s something near 4 Am

Location: you will never know but it’s somewhere in the sea very near to current Egyptian Alexandria

Date: Things like date are meaningless at this time but you can say it’s like 30.000 years ago


Darkness, Mediterranean in his most wild moments, wind and harsh coldness, chillness is the name of the game, while it seems like it covers life itself, yeah, welcome to the Alexandria nobody had ever seen.

Today is the day, they told us so, that’s why you can see me now laying beside Leontina, she is afraid, I wish I could make her feel better but it’s hard while I can’t make myself any better

We were laying on this small island in the sea, we still watching and waiting for long time, it’s about 20 mins swimming from the beach, sigh is hard in this dark world, and the cold mist is making it worst, scared, feeling cold, we are barely wear something, we were the only who had guts to go that near to the ship, it’s hundreds of miles away, but even in this dark and mist you can see it staying there in the middle of the sea, it had been there for a number of days greater than my ability to count, surrounded by glowing lights so that it seems in this mist like a real monster coming from and old era

Today is the day, they should hit us any moment from now, it’s scary and exciting when you stay there and watch the end of the world, you suppose to defend your city, your world and your whole life, but it’s not the time for being hero, I know now that there are a lot of things that we can’t stand, and I looked at her eyes, the beautiful Leontina, it’s hard to believe that may be tonight is the last night I will see her or touch her, and it’s killing me that look in her eyes begging me to do something, I wish I could .. I wish

We were the only survivors, the city is fall down, and when the ship started to move forward, I felt those butterflies on my stomach, our world is over, and the new era of darkness is one day away from starting, I know that me and Leontina will move forward beyond the sea, we are going to move to the north, to the land of ice, swimming from Mediterranean to the north is impossible, I know that me and Leontina won’t make it to the Saqqaq  lands, but I told her this is fate, we are not going to die, we are immortals, and the journey will continue until we reach our goal, we are going to start the journey  as Leontina and Vergil, tomorrow we will go on as an unknown sea creatures, and may be when we reach the Saqqaq we will be a crossing light over the sky, no one will know about us, maybe someday when we get our world back, we will teach every one of those creature the real story, every time I look to their stupid faces, scary tallness, their black short hair and their auraless bodies, I got that those whom called Adams will ever understand the story, but no matter what, the only true fact is that one day we will take our city back, our world, and we will always be around, in all shapes, and in some day, when the great Cthulhu make his last wake, you will know the truth

And now dear Leontina, take my hands, and let the journey start

My name is Vergil, and I came to stay

Come back…

2 responses

  1. Alberto Rega

    Too many faces
    Too many names
    Only one sign

    June 13, 2012 at 2:11 am

  2. Melda

    OMFFHS !!!

    June 13, 2012 at 5:21 pm

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