Real Life .. Door Is Closing !!

When he dreamed that she had sex with someone else , he gone crazy , he didn’t know what to do, so he picked a fight with her , trying to let her feel herself as a bitch, while she were only in his sick dream .

And when he dreamed that she had sex with someone else for the second time, he realized that there is something wrong about their relationship, that’s why he saw her in such shameful situation in his dream, he tried to figure out what is wrong, tried to fix something broken

And when he dreamed with her in the same situation for the third time, he didn’t take much more time to realize that it’s more than just a dream, not sure if he should call her a whore, but it’s too late anyway, but the only thing that’s real is if he just followed her heart from the beginning , he would saved a lot of pain and non-answering questions, the only real thing was that the truth bring herself to him from the 1st time, but he refused to believe, he preferred to fool himself, at once “Steven King” said that the truth won’t hold on against interesting stories , that’s why he can’t  take the truth and scarify the awesome moments, and now he should face the consequences,  and he should pay, again






And once we talked about facts don’t hold on against funny stories, we might talk now about the funny stories that were to funny to real, we love to believe what’s amazing rather than what’s real, but sometimes we decide to refuse some facts because they can’t be real even if they were to funny, our little narrow can’t believe that there are a lot of things that we don’t know, some people  still believe that dragons didn’t exit on Earth, I want to see their faces when they know that  dragons did exist on earth and they still are !! Yeah dragons didn’t extinct yet, simply you can  google “The Comodo Dragon” and be ready for the shock!!

Once again when we talk about the amazing stories that we can’t believe that they are real, we must mention the Brothers Grim, if you don’t know them you can remember Cinderella and Snow white and you might remember him, but know we         may talk about one of the most amazing stories in the history, we are talking   now about “The Pied Piper” the most famous children story, of course we all remember the poor piper who came into a very poor village in Germany to find the mice everywhere, on the land, under the trees, in houses and even in the water crocks, so he decided to help them, he bring his pipe, and start to play and walk through the village, of course we know that mice came out to follow him from everywhere, village’s people didn’t believe that they had this huge number of mice in their village, anyway we know that he lead them to the bridge and when he passed it, the mice follow him while the bridge start to fall down under the pressure of the heavy weight of this huge number of mice, the mice are gone and the people were happy and thanked the piper and everyone lived in a lifetime happiness, well , that’s the story we know, or we can say that’s Grim brother decide to tell us, and of course no one knows that this story is real like you and me, but this is not the issue, the main issue that did the Grims say the whole truth? The answer is no, they just mentioned the nice part of the story, but they ignored in purpose the other half of the story, the terrible half, he didn’t mention that the piper agreed to help the people in the village in return of 10 golden coin, The Grims wrote the end after the mice dies, but the real story that after the piper attract all the mice with his pipe that contain some tone attracts animals, he return to the village to ask for the 10 golden coins, and as usual you won’t pay for something you have already got, the piper said nothing, but he was planning for a revenge bigger than a few bad words, he stayed in the village, and when the night did come, and when the whole village were in a complete darkness, he came out from his resort and walked again through the village, playing his pipe, no more mice were in the village to follow him, but the children came from everywhere to join the hero that saved their village today, they followed him while he was walking through the village, the parents came to prevent their children from joining him, but they were too late, the piper led them to a high valley, they passed the valley together and became out of sight, and when the screaming parents came to follow them, they found nothing, the piper and 163 child from the village just disappeared forever! , they didn’t show up again, that’s the real story of what happened in Hamelin in the German countryside  in July 26th 1284 , no one know where did the piper go, 163 child has gone forever, and that’s what The Grims didn’t tell us, may be they thought that it would be better if we didn’t know the scary part, but ignoring the real story didn’t save the children, and it won’t change the fact that that’s what happened in Hamelin, and of course it won’t answer the near 1000 years question: where did the piper and the children go , yeah , sometimes we prefer not to believe the truth so that we could live in the world we love, and if you don’t believe me, you can imagine the piper’s shadow walking through the village in the darkness, while 163 children are following him to the high valley under the voice of the adults screams, if you can’t imagine so please don’t, because those who read what had been written about this sight in the old books in Hamelin’s library said that it was more terrible than a vampire waking up from his grave in the midnight .





Let’s talk about Bassant, it was in the summer of 1993, when I was going to that kid’s club, I saw her for the 1st time, I don’t know what happened to me, it was the 1st time for me to exam such feel, she was the type of lamina girls , the short hair and the thin glasses, and she was very beautiful, I thought of her all the day and all the night, I was following her in the club wherever she goes, she made my days, for 2 or 3 months the whole world was summarized in one ward : Bassant , and as a kid I supposed that she is the same, she must be think of me all the night, and I convinced myself that she is the one who is following me not the contrary, I lived in a dream, but out from nowhere, Haitham appeared, he was representing everything I hate, the blonde hair, the egoist blue eyes, I think if he lived in Germany he would be now a general in the Nazis forces, I was going crazy every time I see him talking to Bassant, too many fight I picked with him, and I lost every one of them, just because he was older and bigger than me, all this time I was supposing that she is sharing me the same feelings, but that day when I asked her to play with me, and when she responded to me aggressively and left me to Join him to play with his new game, I didn’t know what to do or what to say, I still remember this 19 years ago day like it was yesterday, I went to them, and with my worst attitude I started to hit them, both of them, super punches and super kicks were flowing everywhere, the anger inside me bring me a huge power, even Mark Henry himself wasn’t going to stop me that day, and I didn’t stop until I saw the blood coming from his nose, and for the 1st time I heard him crying , finally I win the fight, the last fight, and I saw Bassant’s glasses were broken, she was crying too, I got fired from the club, and they called my mother to take me home, they told her that I am banned from being in the club until the summer’s end, and when they suspended me at home 1st from watching Grindizer, I didn’t care, and when they tried to suspend me from going to the video game centre in the back street , I didn’t care too, and when they start to worry about me when I get into bed with a 40ّ Celsius temperature, I was saying inside : it doesn’t matter people, the little heart is getting broken for the 1st time , I was asking myself : will I see her again ? , and the answer came 14 years later, in a cold February day in 2007, when I was setting in the street with my friends when a black care came towards us , it stopped and the door was opened, yeah , Bassant’s get down from the car, the same short brown hair, the same thin glasses, the same lamina look in her eyes, she made a bye motion to the guy who was driving the car, and when she looked to me, I knew from the 1st look that she did remember me, she looked at me for a second, and gone to the stairs, while the guy” her fiancé mostly” moved away , but this time, I didn’t try to pick another fight .






And if you asked me, I don’t have much to say about Orchid, I still remember her 5th name, and it was the winter of 1996, the crazy cold winter of 1996, in the same club, while the rain was name of the game, and gray was the official color of the sky, I meet her in the drawing room, I liked the way she was drawing, even in this young age you can’t ignore the talent, I stopped drawing and start to watch her, and then I start to lend her the colors she needs, and when the day was over, we became a friends

And when the school is over, and when I get back to the club, I was really happy to meet her again , I will never forget those funny days, water fights, pillow fights and sand fights , I remember when she led the girls to face us in a football match, lol , I till remember this day when I pulled her from her shirts, and she paid me in return by kicking me with her heels in my knee, I remember the funny moments when we were laughing deep inside from our heart every time we fall in the grass while we were playing, soon the summer is gone, and I will never forget when she hugged me for the last time “ and don’t look at me like that we were 10 years” and asked me if I will join the club next summer, when my parent’s decided that I’ve became too old to join this kid club !! , but I didn’t feel bad because even in this young age I realized that we may know some people to remind us of what we lose , but girls like Orchid just came to stay, that’s why the day she gave me a goodbye hug was the last day I saw her, and I know that I won’t see her again, just because sometimes things would be better to be away so that it would keep her brightness, and until the last moment in my life and before I close my eyes forever I will always remember her , remember her magical smile, and her brown shining eyes, and her long curly hair, and the pinky top I used to make fun of, I will always remember her as a dream came and- in silence-, gone too soon .





And now let’s say congratulation to my best friend Tarek for having “ I don’t know how” his 1st kid , Kareem , Congratulations, Che Neno and my hottest Condolences to the poor Kareem who is going to be punished by being your son

And in the same page we can say Congratulation for my inspiring Jerminal for having her second kid , Luna, wishing her the best in her upcoming days, and wishing her to stop using Italian names again !

And finally I want to say congratulations for my soul mate for showing the rejection card for the groom number 20, wishing her new greater records to break.






 Sometimes, we like to let the doors opened, maybe we afraid from darkness, and in other times we are afraid from being unable to reopen the door once we did close it, so we prefer to let it open even it’s useless, but doors are made to be closed, that’s why even you like it or not , you will close the door sooner or later, so when it’s November 7th at 5:10 AM , then you know that the door is closed for ever, no matter what, it’s closing forever, so will you be there ? will you take my hand and follow me ?


14 responses

  1. Sally Essmat

    2ana kont ba7eb pied piper w 2ana so3’era awel mara 2a3raf 2enaha more3eba keda w kaman tel3t 7a2e2ea !!
    bas al sewar kolaha gada moot

    October 12, 2011 at 8:50 am

    • thanks, Sally 🙂

      October 18, 2011 at 3:04 am

  2. mesh 3arfa eh el7ekd da enta malek enta betd7’al nafsek leh fe elly maleksh feh !
    yarab yekono 50 mot be3’ezak :p
    we ba3deen eh kol al kalam da 10 senen w hugs ! w kaman darabtohom .. bad looser 😛
    soma eh awel sora de !!
    mal el posts beta3tak ba2et 3ageba keda leh !!
    fen el posts al 7’afefa beta3et zaman kol al posts ba2et kebera keda w mot3eba w ba2a feha kalam 3ageb en sha2 allah ye2felo lek al blog da oraeb 😀

    October 12, 2011 at 10:06 pm

    • ana alby 3alyky 5alyky kda estany ymkn Borat yet2dm lk :d
      w ba3dyn anty malk w mal al sora mn awel youm w hwa maktob 3alyh Rated X blog , ya3ny aly by5af mn al Rated X topics myd5olsh msh yed5ol yetfarag w y2ol yay !!
      kol wa2t w leh al posts beta3to
      just remember me : )

      October 18, 2011 at 3:13 am

      • re7’em moot !!
        begad ya3ny
        eh ba2a haye7sal yom 6 november ?

        October 18, 2011 at 6:39 am

      • Borat fe 3enak !! :@

        October 18, 2011 at 6:39 am

  3. tarek ma7moud

    howa eh da ely how !! 😀
    allah yebarek feek ya me3lam 3o2balak
    7elw awy al gaw da baiz mn yomak 😀

    October 13, 2011 at 7:21 am

    • msh 3aref .. mabrok w 5alas
      Abo Kareem
      esm sawa2 wallahy 😛

      October 18, 2011 at 3:14 am

      • loool sa7 wallahy

        October 18, 2011 at 6:39 am

  4. Fairuza

    OMG so cute !

    October 13, 2011 at 1:23 pm

    • msh olna ttklmy arabic 🙂

      October 18, 2011 at 3:16 am

  5. gaw eh bas howa bel3afia heya mesh tai2ay ne3mel eh ya3ny 😛

    October 14, 2011 at 12:05 am

    • w anty meday2a lyh ya3ny 😀

      October 18, 2011 at 3:20 am

      • funny funny cutey

        October 18, 2011 at 6:40 am

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