Love , Feelings , Emotions and many things like that ..

Whydoes Monday, come before Tuesday?
Why do summers start in June?
Why do winters come too soon?
Why do people fall in love,
When they’re always breaking up? Oh, why?
Why do I love you? Tell me why.

Michael Jackson


It’s not why we love if love will die, it’s about why do we love and let love dies?? I’ve never heard about a plant dies in car accident or commit suicide because it felt depressed, but they die only when we neglect provide them with water.

It’s amazing how do love change people lives , and how can he make it happy , and how can he make it miserable , it’s breaking my heart how people treat this bless so carelessly  , I always believed that fall in love is fate , but keeping it is a choice, we all know that life is unfair , but not in love , in love everybody got what he deserves , whatever sometimes it seems like love made you a loser , but you may lose someone you love to meet another better lover , don’t ever think that you can use love , sometimes it seems like you can fool people with love , but soon you will get what you really deserves , I told you never regret fall in love with all your heart with a bad person , soon you will get the best , and about him , he either live alone forever , or it will ends with him to be with someone he don’t love , but in both cases , he will never know what did he lost by kicking love’s ass like that .

Some still think that love is unreal , not exists , and such funny thing , I won’t say that love is real just to force you to believe in ,my opinion but , well , most of you of course know about that Chinese tell about two lovers and the girl was blind and after that she made a surgery and get her sight back , and then she realized that her lover is blind too , she refused to still with him , then he had nothing to say but : take care of my eyes !! yeah he donate her his eyes , he prefer to live as blind to assure that she will be happy , this amazing story that Samo Zien used in his video clip (arby leya) in 2003 as I remember , and the most famous movie build on this theme was that very famous movie on YouTube , yeah that Chinese movie that was showing a photographer and his girlfriend in his lab and when she tried to help him some dangerous liquid failed in her eyes and leaded her to blindness , then the movie showed a footages in hospital . crying lover , doctors in surgery room , and the film goes to an end as she was walking on the river with his eyes healed and suddenly her lover walked beside her wearing black glasses and using a stick to walk , come on all of you must have seen it before , but I think no one of you knew that this was a true story , yeah , it happened in real in china , so you may see how love can do with lover , and how much would lover sacrifice in love just to make their partners happy , I meant to tell a famous story , but you need to be me to see how many lovers I knew , and how much they take and sacrifice , so if this is not real , then nothing in life is real .. !!

But Michael was right about something. No one knows why does he love? What makes live so incomplete without this special one? Nobody knows, but who cares? When you feel thirsty you can ask a scientific to tell you exactly why did you felt thirsty, but the best solution is drinking some water!! You may waste your time in asking why and why not, but it’s always easy for you to follow your heart to be happy, I don’t want to know why happy, am am happy and that’s enough

I hate love movies, but you already know that, specially the Arabic ones shit!! They can make a better effect with some pieces of onion!! they don’t know anything about love , they don’t know how does it feel and how do feelings work , only one movie made me cry : hearts in Atlantis , when I watched this movie , I believed that no way Stephen king(the movie writer) didn’t fall in love before , that’s how love works , that’s who real love looks like , it showed you exactly that only love wins , only love survives , once your life get bad with someone , and once you started to get bored from life pressures , only love will make you go on , the look on those eyes that telling you that whatever happens , whatever we can’t show ourselves , but we will always love each other .

I don’t know why do I say this , but I think if you a normal person (not like me) and when you feel like you should live with someone , it would better be the one you love , not the one who will show you the same nice feelings that he show his pets !!


Out of topic: what make a beautiful married girl betray her husband? What make a beautiful married happy success suitable life girl cheat on her husband? And what you going to do if you are the one she wants? And what you going to do if you know that her husband is one of your best friends?? And what you are going to do if you don’t want anything of that??


One response

  1. JENNA

    everybody got to believe in someone cuz nobody wants to be lonely ,we fall in love cuz we are humans

    May 27, 2011 at 7:25 pm

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