Another Year Is Gone

She is gone, finally!!!

OMG she talks too much but I can’t stop myself loving stay with her

Hey again, from my classy office at my boring work, saying hello (dump smile emotion)

Well, am not going to say things like being 25 have both good and bad consequences, for me it only has bad ones, but what happened is happened and whatever I want it’s over and am now 25 years!!

I used to thought that my life will be totally change after my 25th birthday and I think am right, I mean days and months are passing faster than Cristiano Ronaldo and soon I will found myself 26 which means goodbye word to youth, it doesn’t matter that I still feel kid inside because life is giving you what is fit for you not what is fit for your inside.

My friends wished me a lot of things, some wished me a happy birthday , some wished me along life (like it’s good !!) , and some who know me very well wished me a better year , for me I can’t wish a better year , because since (only GOD’s will) am not going to die or have cancer , I think I know that there will never be a year worse than last year , so I shouldn’t worry about that , small party in home , a gift from the best friend I’ve ever had in my life , my other friends suggested me a party in the strip club (the café) lol they prepared everything but I came to late last night , anyway I think they know me very well so they prepared everything for themselves

For my new year’s decisions I dare to say that am the best decisions maker I’ve ever meet but, none of all those ones came to an act , and it’s not my fault of course , today was a good day to sign my 216574211165 quit application , I did it already and as usual :REJECTED !!! , for now I have no decisions but erasing my ponytail , some kind of change , and as usual I will remove it without any picture reminds me of those days except this back view funny picture , my problem always was that every time in my life I appear in a good look I can’t have something to prove , lol  , and another one which I delayed since my last birthday one year ago , I don’t know if it’s right to call it a decision but it’s something I feel that I should do , of course I don’t have a real reason , but sometimes you feel like something is going to happen and you should make some move in advance , I think I would better call it a revenge , a revenge for myself , despite of knowing the fact that this thing is officially considered as a miracle and yeah it needs a miracle to be real but the idea of that this thing may happen before I make my move is making me worry , yeah of course I can’t make my move after that

I believe that to get something you must sacrifice another one, I know that am going to sacrifice my personality and letting down the real me, but what am going to feel later worse this act, I mean when it comes to give yourself some peace inside and feed your self-pride, I think words like principles, values and good manners will not really matter much so remorse and regret and other similar stuff became over rated during last year, as my best friend told me: nothing will be the same after Jan 25th.

3 responses

  1. tarek ma7moud

    taib kweys awel karar a7’adto fe al sana al gededa enak terga3 ragel 🙂

    May 25, 2011 at 3:40 pm

  2. a23od saket ya a2ra3 😦

    May 25, 2011 at 5:45 pm

  3. Dalia Saed

    hahahahaha ya a2ra3 ya a2ra3 ya a2ra3
    lazm tegeb lenafsak elkalam keda ??

    May 25, 2011 at 7:07 pm

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