Fair Enough

Let me tell you something, I dn like usually being rude with broken hearts, but sometimes, it provokes me how do human stupidity destroy lives just for nothing.

Well, from the beginning you knew that he loves you , that’s great, but all of us knew that you loves him too , and that’s awesome , you love him, he loves you, we can see a perfect story here, but as I said .. Human stupidity rules

Do you remember how many times he tried to talk to you, stay with you, and act to get your fuckin attention? Do you remember how many times did he beg everyway just to get a chance to explain? the most funny thing is that you were loving him more than he loves you, but the problem was that he tried to tell you first, his big mistake was showing you his love clearly so that you can act like not interested girl and turn him off time after time, you have been always coxcomb, day after day, month after month, year after year, two long years you have never stop treating him like a fly. !!

When your friend Wa2el asked you to help him to think about a gift to his wife in their 1st anniversary , it was a good idea , and kindly you accepted , don’t forget that his wife is one of your best friends , and you were genius when you suggested a little glowing show in their apartment with a falling souvenirs to their best days , all you was asked to do is helping him to prepare this surprise while his wife in work , you asked him to call you in work at 1 or 1:30 pm .

When he came to your work as usual , trying to break that fake wall , you didn’t smile at him , you didn’t welcome him in the good way , you made him feel like he came to make your life boring and miserable , he doesn’t know how to talk , or what to say , you enjoyed every moment of this of course , your arrogance made you so confident that he will never get bored , never get angry and never get yield , you just enjoyed the way that someone showing you love for two long years without stopping for a minute to think : how does it feel for him ?tiny things like that never came to your mind, you just don’t care, and when he tried to collect some of his courage, and get over his dignity and asked you to join him to talk after work at any place, you just smiled and get out of your office having nothing to do, like he was talking to another one!! , don’t think that this yellow smile means anything to him or anybody else, actually it’s disgusting

And while you were looking at him from outside, feeling happy that he is spending his worst moments because of you, and your phone rings 4 or 5 times without any answer of course, and when the messages machine started to play the caller’s message: hey Dina, you told me to call you at 1 pm why didn’t you answer? Mai just called me from work and told me that she will be late for one hour which means that we have two hours, OMG it will be unforgettable, hurry up please.

It was so clear , I mean me and you only know that this was wa2el asking you to come to help him to prepare the surprise before his wife Mai get back , but what about that poor guy who listened to the message , if we said that he was spending his worst moments before this call , well, he must be burning in hell inside right now , and when you get back to your office , wearing that look which says clearly that you hear the call too , and when he used his last breathe to ask you : was this call for you ? Your arrogance forced you to continue slaughtering his feelings, especially when you answered: yeah yeah, so what did you said before I get out? , I think I’d better leave now “he said” and you kept watching him without trying to do anything, at least for yourself so that he won’t get a bad idea of what you are.

And finally after he left seems like he can’t see anything, only that moment you started to think about that you really over acted and been so rude, so bitch in fact, you said to yourself that you might call him after 2 or 3 days, may be one week, yeah, he is just a piece of stone, he can take anything I do because he loves me so much as I love him, in fact he is the only one who is showing his love but who cares? Am happy and that is enough

And when you suddenly heard the very laud car brake outside , and when you heard the violence crash , and when you heard the screams outside , and when you get to the window to see what’s up , you didn’t need much time to guess what this bloody dead body which people are trying to cover with papers belongs to , only this moment you realized that life is not our mother , and you realized that life give us what she wants not what we want , and you finally realize that life and fate are not patient specially with human beings like you

Your arrogance, make you neglect the only one who loves you, made you harsh, and never gave you a chance to ask yourself for once: for how long would he take me? Your arrogance prevented you from giving him an explanation he deserves about that call; an explanation might make you see him again tomorrow

And now , and from the deepest place in my heart , I wish you still have much vanity , too much egotism that could satisfied you to go on with your life from now until the day you die , without feeling pain , broken heart and regretting the only one you loved and who loves you more than anything , congratulations , you have learned the life , but unfortunately , this lesson in not useful anymore ..


5 responses

  1. dalia

    eh el ka2aba de offfffffff aked mesh heya wala howa al sabab enta aked al sabab

    May 18, 2011 at 4:14 pm

  2. Maria

    all i know i don wanna be her right now

    May 19, 2011 at 4:25 am

  3. nobody wanna be her , i think she is the only one deserves to be her for now

    May 19, 2011 at 5:57 am

  4. Sasha Yevgeni

    i remember you told me once that you believe in fate and reasons of destiny which means that if he didn’t die there he would die in the same time another place for a different reason , Maria is right no one wants to be her now
    ps:the pic is awesome

    May 21, 2011 at 4:27 am

  5. yeah , but GOD makes reasons if u got me

    May 21, 2011 at 7:19 am

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