It was more than six years ago when i knew Nour
As usual i knew her for the 1st time during chat it was at the first days of 2004’s summer
She was a good girl
She was funny , polite , beautiful , and she was 17
I used to talk to her as a very special freind , and she used to appriciate me in return since i was by her side at some hard proplem
Hundreds of hours passed and then she disappeared !!
It happend suddenly
No one saw her again and no one knew where had she gone !
Day by day i stopped asking and thinking about where did my freind gone
But i kept her the feel of being confused about where do people go suddenly and how can some one go out of your life with out any reason
And here is the year of 2005 coming , we are on the last days of spring
And when i saw her sister Eman signin in i didn’t knew what to do , she wasn’t a freind of mine i talked to her only once for 2 mins
Then i affirmed to ask her about Nour
Nour is dead 10 monthes ago " she said"
It was her answer !!!
And before i ask any questions she told me that her sister passed awy by a bullet during a chase between Some Palestinian guys and some of the busterd zion Israelian soldiers
The bullet settle down her cheast by mistake while she was running away to avoid the bullets and when she turned back to see if any one was coming after her, the bullet didn’t give her the chance of another breath
Do any one knows Nour
Do any one remembers her ?
That girl who was going to buy the dinner for her family without an idea about the fact that she has a little mins remain in her life
She was killed because she went out while some guys she’s never knew were fighting with another guys she’s never knew too
What if she went out 3 mins later ?
What if she left the shop 1 min early so that she could aviod the fight and the bullets ?
What do her family feel till now about her ?
Did she had a lover ?
How does life feel for him now ?
Were they were okay that day ?
What if she knew that this days is her last day ?
Would she stay home ? or call her freinds ? or cry over any moment she didn’t use to make her people happy ?
A lot of questions and there’ll never be one answer
The only fact that Nour is gone because it’s her time to leave
And there’s no chance for us to receive a call from her to know how Heaven looks like
It was the 4th of May
And it was 5 years ago
Rest in peace Nour
I hope you so
Please when you read this wish her  heaven and peace upon her soul
And for all the Palestinain martyrs
And remeber .. life is so short
And you’ll never know when will you stop

2 responses

  1. dalia

    ربنا يرحمها كانت بنت جميلة اوي وكنت بحبها اوي اوي

    May 5, 2010 at 12:23 am

  2. Unknown

    ya rab

    May 5, 2010 at 1:56 am

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