Angels And Demons

Lita was a slut
Yeah there’s nothing to say about that actually you can say that it’s a scientific fact
But with her debauch (not sure aboyt the spelling) but everyone is wanna see her again even one more time
Dealing with demons is not easy .. yeah all of you knew that
But in another fact if you knew how to deal right .. it will turns to an intesrting game u’ll never get bored of
But one more important thing and it’s about the mental effort and the psychological effort it takes from you at the begining
Dealing with angels is totally different
You don’t need to be smart to realize this fact
But some times it becomes more difficult than dealing with demons
How ? simply when you realize that you lose the ability to distinguishe between demons and angles
And when you knew that you have to start the game all over again from the begining

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